Tax Planning

Tax planning fits into three phases:
  • Annually, certain actions minimize your tax bill
  •  Long term strategy decisions reduce the overall impact of taxes throughout your lifetime
  • Estate Transfer planning creates opportunities to save significantly on taxes as well
Annually, there are specific actions we can help you take:
  •  Offset gains with losses, and vice versa, to neutralize your tax scenario for the year
  •  Use gifting to give to charity and receive tax deductions
  •  Gift to your children up to the annual exclusion amount
  • Put money aside for retirement pre-tax for retirement, knowing you are delaying the taxes
  •  Put money aside for retirement after-tax and eliminate future taxes on those assets
Long Term, we can help you:
  • Control when you recognize taxes using distribution strategies
  • Make investment decisions that use tax-shielding
  • Use investments that target growth or income based on your specific needs
  • Use insurance to create access to assets without having the growth taxed
For the Estate Transfer process, we can help you:
  • Evaluate different strategies using different types of trusts
  •  Incorporate insurance to create an estate, or to create liquidity to protect assets
  •  Implement multi-component strategies for your family’s multi-generational wealth building
A layered approach can create a significant benefit to you in the long run. However, no strategy should be implemented without seeing how it fits into your big picture. We are here to help you evaluate them against your goals and empower you to take the actions that are right for you.