Business Sale/IPOs

Does your journey include:

A large liquidity event?

Kubhera can

develop tax-advantaged strategies to defer or reduce your tax burden.

High AGI and income taxes for the year?

Kubhera can

collaborate with your CPA to apply solutions to minimize income taxes, future tax concerns, and estate taxes.

Properly protecting your assets?

Kubhera can

develop and implement strategies to protect assets, liquidity, and future income.

Making the most of this financial opportunity?

Kubhera can

develop a purpose-based road map to replace income and transfer wealth efficiently.

Making sure you're being as financially "smart" as possible?

Kubhera can

serve as your fiduciary, educating and empowering you to make informed decisions.

How Kubhera is here for you:

  • We serve as your fiduciary, looking out for your financial best interest at all times. 
  • We help you build a road map.  
  • We help you proactively build your long term wealth and risk management programs.
  • We play the role of your financial coach (free of any conflicts of interest) on an ongoing basis. 
  • You have our expertise available on Retainer, whenever you need it for any financial decisions.

Flexible Engagement Options:

All-Inclusive for clients with a minimum amount of assets under management
Retainer Only Planning for a negotiated annual fee