Business Overview

Kubhera is focused on providing our clients with the right combination of holistic perspective, professional service, and personal insight. Ethan, Swamy, and Ganga’s decades of unique business and financial services and tax related experience give them insight into the very specific types of challenges faced by business owners, families trying to balance both present and future goals, and everyone wanting to be more tax efficient.
Ethan, Swamy, and Ganga have each run their own businesses for years, even before starting Kubhera. They have developed areas of specialty including tax-planning, risk management, medical practice management, and portfolio construction and asset management. Kubhera is prepared to guide business owners through many key financial decisions. Our unique approach assembles the right team of experts for you, or works with the team you already have in place, to determine your goals, needs, and interests. We have seen a great many success stories play out. We have helped clients understand where they are in their story, what challenges lay ahead, and empowered them to take control and make important decisions with confidence.
Kubhera’s unique blend of skills and resources helps our clients be more tax efficient, and position themselves and their assets and business interests against various risks. We look to develop and implement strategies that will benefit families for generations to come. Kubhera can help you take control of your financial story, and make sure it goes where you want it to.