Corporate Philosophy

Kubhera’s holistic approach to tax advantaged financial planning looks to provide both current and future benefits to you and your family. Wealth generation and preservation are not goals in and of themselves, when you look at the planning process through a holistic lens.
What am I saving or building toward? What’s really important to me and my family? What do I want my future and my legacy to look like? Your story isn’t just about the numbers and totals. Rather, it’s about the values that you and your family develop, share, and want to pass on to make at least your corner of the world a better place. Values are harder to measure, harder to objectify, harder to pin down. Before you know if you’ve achieved a goal, you have to define it first. To be able to define it, you need to understand how it fits into your story.
Kubhera looks to use the three “I’s” of Integrity, Intensity, and Intelligence, Kubhera’s team of wealth managers, Certified Financial Planners®, tax experts, and client advocates to focus on you and where you want your story to go. And even more importantly, Kubhera knows that the end of one story is really just the beginning of the next.