Financial Planning

We empower you to make financial decisions by providing you a high-level overview, identifying opportunities and obstacles. Since trying to see everything at once can be overwhelming, we try to simplify it as much as possible. At its basis, planning is about 





"C" Cashflow means more than just taking a look at your current incomes and expenses:

  • What future goals are you looking to fund?
  • Saving for education expenses?
  • Building up a greater reserve for emergencies?
  • Planning for weddings or a vacation home?
  • Paying down debt, or leveraging it for investment purposes?
  • Are you protected against loss of health or income?

"A" Assets should help you achieve goals, and managing them goes beyond just the current return:

  • Are you invested to generate risk adjusted income and returns appropriate to your goals?
  • Are you using tax advantaged strategies to manage current and future taxes?
  • Do you have businesses or income generating properties to factor into your strategy?

"R" Retirement Planning covers the period where you transition to living off your assets:

  • Have you thought about when you want to retire?
  • What you want your retirement to look like?
  • How much will you really need to fund the retirement that you want?
  • Have you prepared for tax efficient retirement funding?

"E" Estate planning looks to transfer your assets efficiently per your wishes:

  • Do you have will and trust documents in place?
  • Have you projected your net worth to see if you may have estate taxes in the future?
  • Do you have plans or goals for charity, legacy, and family gifting?
By putting together a well thought-out and comprehensive plan, you will see how all your hard work and accumulated assets are working to help you achieve your goals.