Does your story include:

A strong desire to leave a lasting legacy?

Involve your next generation in your mission?

Desire to create a Family Foundation?

Significant annual gifting to your preferred charities?

Maximizing tax benefits from the gifting you already do?

Being uncertain which assets are best suited for gifting?

Here is how we can help you develop your story:

  • Explore your goals and implement strategies to fulfill your long term legacy goals.
  • Define goals around a Family Foundation or Charitable Trust that involves various family members. 
  • Collaborate with you and bring in the specialists necessary to design and implement a Family Foundation. 
  • Analyze and optimize your gifting strategy in relation to your goals. 
  • Implement a long term gifting strategy that reduces current income taxes while creating future tax-free income. 
  • Evaluate your financial situation and determine if appreciated assets would be more efficient to gift than cash. 

How Kubhera is here for you:

  • We serve as your fiduciary, looking out for your financial best interest at all times 
  • We help you build a road map  
  • We help you proactively build your long term wealth and risk management programs 
  • We play the role of your financial coach (free of any conflicts of interest) on an ongoing basis 
  • You have our expertise available on Retainer, whenever you need it for any financial decisions 

Flexible Engagement Options:

For the majority of clients investing with us, our Financial Planning and Retainer services and are included (certain investment minimums)
For Planning or Retainer Only, our services can be provided on a negotiated annual fee